How to find the perfect birthday party

FiveThirtyEight’s Andrew Bagley explains how to find a party that fits your family’s style.Andrew Bagley has been writing about business, technology, finance and more since 2010.He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from George Washington University and a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Follow him on Twitter: @andrewbagley.Subscribe to FiveThirtyeight’s daily newsletter.

How to send your children to an adult education school

A recent story on the internet has been circulating that suggested that if you’re sending your children’s children to adult education, you should also send them to a public school.However, the article is incorrect.The article states that the majority of children from a public primary school would be sent to an accredited private school, but…

Arkansas’s economic collapse: How the food industry will survive, and how the rest of us can benefit

Posted October 05, 2020 09:42:38A recession that hit the U.S. and Canada last year is now hitting the state of Arkansas, according to a new report.In a release, the University of Arkansas School of Agriculture and Natural Resources says the state is on pace for a 7.8 per cent drop in gross domestic product (GDP)…

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