How Scott Adams, the creator of The Walking Dead, became a huge pop culture figure and why his work matters to you

Scott Adamas has spent much of his life working on films.

And he has a lot of work in front of him, in the form of his most famous creations, the zombie movies The Walking and The Dead.

But while he has written for many mainstream publications, he has never written for a TV show.

That changed in 2011 when he was offered the lead role in a new series from AMC.

Adamas was the perfect choice.

Adams’ experience writing for shows like The Walking or The Walking Out of the woods, as well as a few short films, was well known, but no one knew his work for what it was.

So he got to write a script for The Walking series.

“I got to the point where I could write a series that wasn’t about a zombie, or a zombie movie, or even a zombie apocalypse,” he says.

“That was kind of my first real opportunity to write for a television series.

It’s a show I can really relate to.”

But he soon realized that the show was also going to be a pop culture phenomenon.

The Walking: A New Beginning (2007) has sold more than a million DVDs worldwide and has spawned countless spinoffs and sequels, and it is arguably the most successful series on television.

As the story goes, an infected survivor named Tyreese, played by the late Chris McCumber, comes across a mysterious message from his dead mother.

“This is not just about you,” she says.

She adds that Tyrees mother, Lydia, has been captured by a group of undead and must be freed.

“It’s all about Tyreus,” she tells Tyreas father, Carl.

“There is no other reason.”

As the show progresses, Tyrese begins to uncover the truth behind the message.

It is an apocalyptic tale about a group that are intent on taking over the world.

The series has been a huge hit with both critics and audiences, and the series has continued to be adapted for other shows.

But the show also has a cult following, particularly among children.

This popularity has led to several adaptations of the show, including a sequel in 2014.

“The Walking Dead: The Second Season” (2017) was a major hit for AMC, as the series reached a cult-like audience of fans who have grown up with the zombie films.

But Adamas and the team behind the new series wanted to create something that would be completely different from what audiences had seen.

“We were really looking to take a different approach to the story,” he explains.

“Instead of having zombies in this world and all the weird things that happen to people in this zombie world, we wanted to have people interacting with zombies and other people.”

The show also takes place in a time when the internet has been an enormous force for positive change, and Adamas says the show will be set in a post-internet world.

“If we were to make a show that is about the Internet in the 21st century, it would be a show about people doing online things.

It would be about the way the Internet is being used in a very positive way,” he continues.

“In a way, I think the idea of The Second season is more a response to the Internet and how people are using it.”

And the show’s setting is a nod to the modern era of pop culture, and to Adamas’ passion for pop culture.

“My favorite movies are those that deal with the social media, but I also love the movies that deal in the real world, the real-life, real-world aspects of it,” he states.

“You know, ‘Whoops, I messed up.’

There’s no excuse for that.

You don’t get to blame anyone else for what happened.

I just think that’s an interesting idea.”

So what exactly is this show?

“It kind of takes place at the end of the zombie apocalypse.

It will be about a guy who is trapped in a zombie world and he has to figure out who he is, what his purpose is, and how he got here,” he elaborates.

“When I write the story, it’s always about what happens to the characters.

We try to get them to the place where they are at the beginning of the story.”

Adamas notes that the setting will be a real place, and he plans to use real people.

“Our world is filled with people who have done amazing things,” he admits.

“People who have been dead for a while, people who’ve just walked out of a funeral home, people whose names I can’t remember.

But it’s not just people who are dead; it’s people who were killed in a really terrible way.

And we want to explore what that means.”

But first, Adamas will have to get the script right

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