What do I need to do to watch the Manchester derby?

By Andrew WilsonA huge Manchester derby awaits the Premier League as both teams struggle to find the balance between attacking and defending.

The fixture has been drawn up in a bid to reduce the number of games played in a weekend.

Manchester United have the first game of the league on Saturday and they will be hoping to keep the momentum going when they take on Chelsea.

“They will come here and they have a great attitude and it’s good to see that,” said Mourinho, whose side will be without captain David de Gea.

“It will be important to see how they react to the derby.

They will have the opportunity to show what they can do.”

It will mark a major change of fortunes for the Premier, who had previously only had one victory over Liverpool in the league since their arrival from the Netherlands in 2004.

They will now be hoping their form helps them avoid another defeat in the derby and also prevent them slipping into second spot.

United will be looking to avenge a 2-0 defeat by their neighbours in a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge in March and face the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City in the last 16.

Mourinho is looking to take his side to the summit of the Premier league table.

The Old Trafford boss was at the centre of a massive controversy last season when he was banned for two matches for the alleged abuse of the referee at the Manchester United-Leicester City match.

But he also took the unusual step of appealing his ban and is hopeful of making a similar argument against Chelsea in the coming days.

“We have a lot of work to do here.

It’s a tough league and there are always good teams in it,” he said.”

But there is also good teams and good teams can always win.”

The best teams have been here in the Premier in the past and now the top four will be decided by this derby.

“If they do well, it will be a huge opportunity for us to get back into the Champions League.”

Chelsea and Liverpool are also looking to win at Stamford Park but Mourinho says they will not have the same luck as United.

“I think we will have some difficulties because I think we have a good team in the club,” he added.

“In the end we have to play against a great team in this league and we will play against Chelsea or Liverpool.”

Sometimes you need two goals to win.

You need three.

But in the end it is not about the score.

“Mourgan said he has a “good” squad in his sights and the Blues are looking to get a win at the home of the Red Devils on Saturday.”

Chelsea is a very good team, a very important team in our league and they played well against United last season,” he continued.”

This is a great derby and I’m sure they will have a big chance to win this game.

“Hopefully they have an outstanding performance, a great effort and a good attitude.”

Chelsea have scored 10 goals in the first two games, including two goals in five minutes from Thibaut Courtois and two in six minutes from Branislav Ivanovic.

Liverpool have been knocked out of the Champions league at the group stage for the first time since 2010 and have been without captain Luis Suarez for the past month with the Uruguayan out with a knee injury.

The Reds are hoping to pick up a point in the clash with United.

United are hoping for a third straight home win after losing their previous four games.

The Blues have won the past two Premier League meetings between these sides, but Mourinho’s side have won only once in the final in 2011.

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