When it comes to Funko’s new Star Wars line, Mickey Mouse is no match for a blaster

By MICHAEL PELLETT Posted November 16, 2016 12:23:31As Star Wars fans gather for the first official Star Wars: The Force Awakens Celebration in Los Angeles, it’s worth noting that it’s still possible to purchase the new toys in stores.

That’s because Disney has yet to announce how many new products will be available.

In fact, the official Disney Blog post says only that more information is coming soon.

“While there are still a few surprises and surprises, the most exciting of all are the new Star Battle sets,” reads the post.

“In addition to the two new Battle sets, we will also be offering the new Force Saber and Force Gauntlet.”

That’s the Force Saber, a new version of the Force Sword, and the Force Gauntlet, a brand-new version of a Force Fist that uses the Force to make a lightsaber.

There is one big surprise, however, as the blog also notes that the Force Mace is also not available in stores yet.

As fans are still waiting to hear whether the Force-powered Force Hammer will be released as well, Disney hasn’t said much about the Star Battle Force Gauntlet yet either.

But Disney is still teasing the new sets with images and videos that show them with their original packaging.

Here’s the official Star Battle product announcement:For more news on Disney and other Disney brands, follow CricInfo on Twitter at @CricInfo.

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