‘We are all in this together’ in Australia

FourFourSecond, it seems, we are all a family traveling together.

On Friday morning, the ABC reported the story of a father and son from New South Wales, who were on their way to Sydney when they were detained by the Australian Border Force.

The man was reportedly a temporary worker who had just come to Australia from Australia.

He was charged with illegal entry and deportation and sent back to Australia.

The father told the ABC he had been detained for 10 hours, but had been released.

He says he was given no explanation for why he was being detained, and said he felt “traumatised” by the experience.

The mother, who did not want to give her name, told the same story.

She told the newspaper she was also detained at the same time and was also told there were no legal reasons for the border officers to detain her, and they were simply doing their job.

“They’re supposed to be doing their jobs,” she said.

The woman says she had asked a colleague for her passport before leaving for Sydney, but she was told she had to wait until her son returned to Australia to get it.

“I don’t understand why the Border Force are doing this,” she told the Nine Network.

“It’s not right.”ABC contacted the Australian Federal Police for comment.

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