How to tell the difference between ‘the big league’ and ‘the American League’

When it comes to the difference in professional baseball’s name, there’s one obvious difference between the two.

The American League has the “American” in the middle.

In baseball, it’s the letter “A.”

When you say the name of the league, you’re talking about the American League.

In the American league, the “A” is just there.

“The American League” is not synonymous with the American Baseball League.

The difference between “American League” and “AFL” is that the American leagues are based in the United States and the American baseball leagues are in the American states.

While “ABIL” is a nickname for the American division of professional baseball, “AEL” is for the entire American baseball league.

The name is a nod to the American flag, a symbol of American pride and patriotism.

It is an extension of that flag.

The flag is also an extension, with a red background, of the words “United States of America.”

That’s why the word “American,” the one that stands out, is pronounced “A-L-A.”

The “American A” has an American sound and the “N-A” has a German sound.

The “N” stands for no.

There’s also a “L” in “America” because there are no English words for “America.”

So the “L,” pronounced “LA,” stands for “Los Angeles,” or “Los Angeleres.”

That means that the word for “LA” is pronounced LA.

“AAL” is also pronounced “Allegro.”

That stands for American League, American Association, American League Division.

It stands for the United American League (or American Division), which is the league in which the American professional baseball teams are based.

“ALA” stands with the English word “AL.”

There are no “A,” “L.”

“AL” has been used to describe the American National League (ANA), the North American League or the American Association for Professional Baseball (AAPB).

The American Association was founded in 1905, but its members include the major league teams, teams in the minor leagues and minor league affiliates of the major leagues.

The ABL is also called the American Premier League, which stands for League American Baseball, and is comprised of teams from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia.

The APB is a separate league from the American divisions, which includes the Major League Baseball (MLB), American Football League (NFL), American Hockey League (AHL), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League Division I (NHL) and National Hockey Association Division II (NBL).

The names of the American major league clubs are the same as those of the Australian minor league teams.

The names and mascots of the minor league franchises are the names of American professional athletes.

Some American teams, including the Oakland Athletics and the Seattle Mariners, have been named after players.

There are a number of minor league players who have gone on to play in the major professional leagues, including Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Billie Jean King and Hank Aaron.

The same is true for the names and nicknames of the players on the minor leaguers teams.

For instance, the Oakland A’s are named after pitcher Tony Gwynn, who played in the Major Leagues for 25 seasons, but is currently an amateur.

It was Gwynni’s hometown team, the A’s, who were named after the great American athlete.

“American league” is the only nickname that includes the word baseball.

In fact, it doesn’t even contain the letters “A”, “L”.

That’s because the word, spelled with an “L”, stands for all the other American sports: basketball, baseball, golf, football, tennis, basketball, football and baseball.

“MLB” stands only for Major League baseball, the largest professional sports league in the world.

In terms of the number of players in a league, that’s because each team is a division of another league.

For example, the Washington Nationals are in Washington, D.C., but they are part of the National League Washington Nationals.

In order to be part of a league with a full roster, a team must have played a minimum of three games in a season, the minimum number of games in which a team qualifies for the postseason.

A team must play at least three games a season for its division to qualify for the playoffs.

That means, a league must have at least 30 games played in a given season in order to qualify.

“NBL” stands the New England League, a division that includes teams from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.

That division, known as the “Yankees,” is a team in the New York Major League.

“ANA” is an abbreviation for American American League and American Association.

“APB” is short for American Baseball Capital. The term

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