The gun rights blogger who called for mass killings of Muslims

Lop, a firearms blog that was featured in a report from the FBI, was one of a handful of people who called out the Trump administration for its plans to ban Muslim immigration and the possibility of a Muslim registry.

Lop called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, and the use of the term “birthers” to describe the idea that President Obama was born in Kenya.

“I think you are doing more damage to our nation than the Trump Administration,” Lop wrote in an April 8, 2017, post on his blog.

“If you think about the people who have been murdered by this Administration and you see how many of these people were Muslims, then I think that you are being very disingenuous to your own countrymen and women.”

Lop also called for the end of the Obama administration’s “Muslim ban.”

LOP’s comments came after the Justice Department, which oversees the FBI and other federal agencies, announced a crackdown on gun ownership in the United Kingdom after a man opened fire at London Bridge, killing seven people.

The U.K. government also suspended plans to build a new airport in Scotland.

LOP, who was not named in the FBI report, was the only person named in that report who did not call for a Muslim ban.

Lope was an avid hunter who posted videos of himself shooting guns and gunslinging around the woods in the U.S. Lopes posts have sparked controversy.

He posted in June 2017, “You know what?

The more I hunt, the more I feel safe.

I mean, I have a good life and I have plenty of money, too.

I don’t need the government to come and take away my guns.

I just need them to protect me.”

In a September 2017 video, Lopes posted, “When you kill, you get a medal.

I feel like a hero.”

Lopes also posted in January 2018 that “It’s a good thing that the government’s banning people who are Muslims because the government would like to see us all become a Muslim country.

It’s an opportunity for us to unite.”

Lope’s comments sparked outrage on social media.

Many people expressed their support for Lopes, but others slammed the government for failing to ban Lopes.

One user on Lop’s Facebook page wrote, “It is amazing that you have not banned him from your country.

His comments and posts have been very divisive, racist, and Islamophobic.

He has made the world a less safe place.

He is the real threat to the United State and he is not welcome in the US.”

The Daily Beast reached out to Lop for comment, but did not receive a response by press time.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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Lott is also a writer and editor at the blog The Daily Caller.

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The Huffington Post reached out for comment but did no longer receive a reply by press day.