How to write about Pokemon Go, with a video game

Posted by simon parks blog, blog de pelisses,artblogs simon Parkes blog writes about video games for IGN.

The blog was founded by Parks co-creator Mattel Toys founder Simon Parkes and he’s currently writing a book on the franchise.

You can see a video of his writing the article below. 

He describes the process of writing about Pokemon as “a series of small steps.”

He writes, “First, I’m going to sit down with the game’s creator and ask him about his thoughts on Pokemon Go and how it’s shaping up as a game that we should all take seriously.”

He goes on to explain, “Then, I go back to my old colleague and ask, ‘What does the game need to do to make it great?’ and he says, ‘A few things.'”

He continues, “So I’m able to ask, and then I write it.

That’s my writing process, and that’s how I write about games.”

Parkes writes about games and their importance to the medium as well as the community.

He says that the process is different for every game.

“For example, I’ve worked on some of the most popular games of all time, including The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Mario Bros., and Sonic Adventure.

But if you want to talk about how games are shaping up, you’ll have to talk to the developers, and the game creators and the players.

But for a series that’s been such a hit for so long, it’s a process that I find really interesting.

So for me, it really is a journey.”

Parkes also says that he is proud of the work that his blog has been able to accomplish.

“I’m very happy with the blog that I’ve built and it’s an incredibly important part of my career.

I’ve created a blog for fun, I write the things that people are talking about on the internet, and I write for fun.

And it’s very rewarding.”

Read more about PokemonGo.

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