How to save a lot on the cost of an iPhone 6s by buying a second iPhone, a third iPhone, and more…

A $1,000 iPhone 6S is still going to cost you $500 on average, even after you factor in the additional fees and other taxes and fees for the iPhone itself.

That’s according to an infographic created by the marketing company App Annie.

App Annie’s infographic shows how Apple’s iPhone 6 price comparison works in 2018.

Apple’s new iPhone models have only a price tag of $299.99, a $100 discount off the previous year’s iPhone price.

So if you buy an iPhone 5S or 6S, for example, you’ll save $100 on average.

But if you opt for the same model of iPhone 6 and upgrade to a 4K OLED iPhone 6 Plus, the cost will jump to $1.99 and $2.99 respectively.

Apple also offers a variety of upgrades for iPhone 6, including the new Apple TV 4K and new iPhone 6+ models.

So even if you upgrade to an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, the price of the phone will drop a bit.

App Annies price chart also shows how many new iPhones are available in 2018, with the most popular model currently being the iPhone 6.

The chart also reveals how many iPhones are available for preorder for $499, which will go on sale on October 25.

The infographic also lists the top 10 best deals for Apple’s newest iPhone, the iPhone XS and XS Max.

The iPhone X has been available for only four months, but the iPhone is currently selling for $1-2,999.

That puts the iPhoneXS at the top of the charts.

The iPhone X also comes with a $10 discount on the iPhone SE, which means you’ll only pay $300-500 off the iPhone price in 2018 instead of the $1 you’d pay for the older iPhone.

The new iPhone SE is available at Walmart and Best Buy.

But the iPhone 8S, iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone Xs Max will be available on October 5.

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