CSGO blog – Week of March 2nd

Hello CSGO community!

We’re back!

This week we’re taking a look at the week of March 1st and 2nd.

What was a week full of exciting matches and moments?

How was it for you?

What did you want to see?

And what are your thoughts on what to look forward to next week? 

Thanks for joining us as we recap the week ahead.

Let’s dive in.

Week 1: Week of 1: The Opening Welcome to the first week of CSGO!

It was the most successful week for CS:GO in history.

The most impressive comeback came from Virtus.pro, who defeated TSM 2-1 in a dominating display. 

But what else was there to see this week?

After all, the first game of the week was against SK Gaming, and both teams had some of their best performances of the season so far.

SK Gaming were the only team to beat TSM in the week and their performance is a great indicator of the team’s quality. 


Pro was not too far behind with their first victory in the series against VirtusPro, taking a 3-1 lead. 

The second game of week 1 saw Virtus Pro come back from a 0-2 deficit to defeat the reigning champions Cloud9. 

In their previous match against SK, Cloud9 came back from 2-0 down to defeat Cloud9 2-3. 

And the third game of day 1 saw SK Gaming take the series off of Cloud9, 2-2. 

This was the best result for SK Gaming so far, which is a good sign that they are on a solid footing going into week 2.

It is also an encouraging sign for the players, who have been struggling with a lot of mental health issues, especially with regards to their mental health.

The teams in question are Team Liquid, Liquid`Snax, Cloud 9, and SK Gaming.

Liquid`snax had a great performance against the teams above, and snax did a great job on snax, with him coming off the bench and giving the team a boost. 

Cloud9 were not able to do that, as their top laner, Nicolai “device” Reedtz, played poorly and could not even close the map. 

On the other hand, SK Gaming had a tough game against Liquid`n0tail, who did not play well in the first two matches.

The team had an unfortunate loss against SK in the previous round of the event. 

However, their biggest problem was that they had a bad performance against Cloud9 in the past two rounds, as they lost 1-3 to Cloud9 on de_inferno and 2-4 on de/dust2.

Their game against TSM, however, was a great example of their potential.

SK showed a lot in the last two rounds against TPM and won that match, but their game against VirtuallyMouse was a big surprise.

SK played well against TPL, but they did not do well against VirtuPro, which was one of the best teams in the world at the time. 

I think it’s safe to say that Liquid`s performance in the tournament was really good. 

Their performance was very good against Virtues, and I think that showed in their results against TPO.

They also played well in their other games against Cloud 9 and Cloud9 showed that they could beat SK on Mirage. 

They also played very well against SK and they did a really good job in their matches against Liquid. 

SK’s results against Liquid are very good.

The way they play is very good, and they had an incredible performance against Liquid in the recent LAN finals against them. 

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedts performance against SK was not bad at all.

He showed his quality, and he did not give up in any match.

The main issue that SK has is their communication.

The communication is not good.

Their communication is very inconsistent.

They have a really bad communication at times, which has been shown by their results in the events against them, and also in the team scrims against them as well. 

TPL was able to get an unexpected victory against Liquid, and their success against TMP was very strong, as well as their performance in their last two games against VirtuaPro and Cloud8.

TPL has been on a bad run recently, but I think they have a chance to make a big step forward against SK. 

For more information on the players from Liquid, Cloud Nine, and Virtuspro, check out our full article: Liquid`snak vs. Virtus pro.

It was a close game.

Snak had a really strong game and was able.

Snax was able, too.

They could not keep up with Virtus pros aggressive playstyle.

They just could not do it.

Liquid had a hard time against VirtuePro.

They had some really bad game.

They lost their first

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