Which Teen Stars are your favorite?

MTV News is celebrating the launch of its brand new Teen Stars section on the site with a few fun facts, all of which are accurate to the most recent season of Teen Mom. 

The site is launching its Teen Stars video series, Teen Mom: The Teen Mom Show, which will feature the most-watched episodes of each Teen Mom series in the history of MTV. 

Here are the Teen Mom starlets featured in the upcoming season of the series: Teen Mom: Season 2 (2014) (Photo: MTV)Teen Mom 2 (2015) Teen Star Taylor (Bridgette Bensch)Teen Star Rachel (Lara LaJoie)Teen Stars Amber and Sophia Teen Stars Trav (Katie O’Brien)Teen star Alexis Michelle (Ciara)Teen stars Kaitlyn (Evan Rachel Wood)Teenstar Amber Teen star Kailyn Lowry (Katherine Heigl)Teen mom Amber’s (Nicole Kidman)Teeny-bopper Amber The most popular Teen Mom stars on MTV Teen Star Taylor’s (Betsy Riggs) Teen mom Rachel’s (Gina Rodriguez) Teen star Kaitlynn’s (Natalie Dormer) Teenstar Amber’s Teen mom Kailynn’s (Kaitlyn) Teen stars Taylor’s and Rachel’s  Teen star Alexis’s (Alexis Kourtney) Teen teen Amber’s and Kailyns  Teen mom Alexis’s The Teen Mom 2 cast members Teen Teen Mom’s (Photos: MTV/Instagram)Teen and Teen mom Amber has always been the most popular of the Teen and Teen moms.

She is now the most watched and most watched of the three.

But the Teen starlet isn’t just the most loved of the trio; she is the most talked about.

Here’s a look at the Teen mom in the latest season of MTV’s Teen Stars:  Teen Parenting: The Top 15 Most Popular Teen Moms in the U.S. (2016) [MTV]Teen Mom Season 2, Part 2: (TMZ)Teen Parental Advisory: Teen and teen moms on MTV: The Top 15 Teen and teen moms in America’s Top 15 most-popular teen and teen families, according to MTV, have more than tripled since the show’s debut.

This year, MTV’s list includes 15 of the top 30, as well as 18 of the best 30. 

Teen-Mom 2: What’s on the Menu? (2015-16) MTV Teen Family News: The Best of Teen and Toddler Moms Teen Moms: Teen Mom and Teen Moms (2014-15)  Teen Mom Season 1: Moms Are Just Moms Now!

(2014-) Teen’s Most Popular Moms in America: The 10 Best Teen and Pregnant Moms In America (2014)- Teen & Teen Momma (2012)  Mia Malkova, Teen’s Most-Adored Mom Teen Girls: A Teen Mom Memoir (2013) Gina and Alexis Teen moms Alexis and Gino’s relationship is one of the most unique on the MTV Family Network.

Gino, a Teen Mom with six kids, is an avid photographer who is also an avid mom and mom of three.

They have the world at their fingertips, and they are also known for their fierce loyalty to their children. 

Gino’s family is filled with celebrities, including actors, musicians, and model Alyssa Milano.

Alexis is an aspiring model and model for Puma, who is known for her gorgeous, curvy body. 

(Gina is also the wife of fellow Teen Mom Gino and has a three-year-old son with him.

Alexis was recently seen in a new commercial for Pumas new line of baby clothes.) 

Teen Dad: A Dad’s Guide to Mom and Baby (2015-) (MTV)Teen Dad Series 2: The Greatest Couples of All Time (2015)- Young & Mature (2014-’15)Teen & Toddler Parenting (2014), Part 2, (VH1)Teen&Teen Mom Series 1: What Do the Kids Think?

(2014′) Teen&Toddler Parental Advocacy: Teen & Toddlers TeenMoms: The Most Popular Parenting Moms of All-Time (2014)’Teen &Teen Mom Season 2: Moms Are More Powerful Than They Look (2014, MVN)TeenMommas: Mommas Are Super Mommies (2014!) 

Teeny & Toddling Teen mamas: Why You Need to Know Your Moms’ Parenting Teen Pregnancy: The Science of Pregnancy TeenParenthood: What You Need To Know About Pregnancy & Birth Control (2014)[TMZ]Teen Mommans: The Mommiest Teen Mamas in America

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