How to create a free blog platform

In this article, I will explain how to create free blogging platform for your blog.

Free blogging platform is an important tool for the growth of a business and is the best way to get new customers, build an audience and increase your business profits. 

Free blogging platform allows you to publish your content for free. 

In a free blogging platforms you can upload your content and use the tools provided by Google and other platforms to help you make money and attract new customers. 

Here are the best free blogging tools for free blog. 

Blogging platform is the simplest and cheapest way to make money in India. 

There are many platforms out there like WordPress, WordPress Blogger, Blogger for iOS, Blogspot, BlogSpot for Android, Blogsmooth, Blogster,  and many more.

Bloging platform is free and you can use them as a free site or as a paid blog.

You can even monetize your site. 

How to choose a free hosting provider? 

The best way is to use a hosting provider that has a good reputation. 

The better the reputation the more valuable your blog will be. 

You can use many hosting providers and choose the one that works for you. 

If you are a new blogger, you can also choose a hosting company based on the reputation you have in the market. 

Free blogging platforms are very popular in India, and it is easy to find free blogging sites. 

Find the best Free Blogging Platforms for free blogging:  You can find free hosting solutions for free blogger by reading this post. 

You should also read our article on how to set up a free website in India by visiting this blog.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. 

 Free blogging platforms in India  A few months back, I decided to create my own free blogging site in India and use it to publish my blog.

My website was launched on January 14, 2018 and it was free.

Now, my website is selling well and I am getting a lot of new visitors every day. 

I have set up my website on Blogspot and it has been going pretty well. 

My blog is getting more visitors and getting more traffic. 

Here are the steps for setting up a blog in India: 1.

Download Blogspot 2.

Install Blogspot Blogger 3.

Upload your content on Blogsparker 4.

Upload new posts on Blogsmash 5. 

How to make Money from your Blog? 

I have set the price of my blog at $9.99 per month. 

It has been doing well.

Here are some stats: Blogsparked:  Total number of unique visitors: 8,939 Number of pages: 5,723 Total monthly revenue: $9,974 Total traffic generated: 4,737 Total daily visitors: 11,749 Total days active: 3,076 Total month revenue:  $1,099  Total months revenue: $1.099   Total visitors: 4,717 Total posts generated: 2,859 Total new posts created: 0 Total unique visitors per day: 17  Visits per day :  1,200 Monthly earnings: $9,99 Total time spent on Blogs: 45 minutes Total blog time: 9 hours Total earnings per day $0.95 Month income:  $1,095  Earnings per post: 11 cents Month earnings per page $2.99 Month hours spent on blogging:  3 hours Hourly earnings per post $1 Earnance per day of blogging $3 Payday income per post $5 Month payday days earnings $10 Total payday earnings 10 Average income per day   $1.25 Total annual earnings:   $11,719 

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