‘Candy’ video prompts new wave of controversy

The video for the song “Candy” from Beyonce’s “Formation” was posted online last week.

A caption accompanying the video reads, “When we met in heaven, we had sex.”

Now, some are calling the video “bizarre” and “dangerous.”

But the song itself is a classic from the singer’s catalog.

It was recorded in 1996 and featured Beyonce performing in a church.

It also features the “C” word.

Here’s the full lyrics from the video: I know the words I speak, and they’ll come out of your mouth and I know you’ll know I speak them, Candy.

I know how you feel, and you’ll feel the same way, Candy, Candy I know your eyes will sparkle, I know when you need me to make you happy, Candy Candy I am here for you, Candy…and I’m here to make sure that you can say the words, Candy!

The video, which has been viewed nearly 10 million times, prompted controversy, with many questioning the meaning behind the video and the singer.

Some said Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, had sex while performing the song.

The video was taken down after the singer apologized.

“Crazy” lyrics from Beyoncé’s “Ceremony” Video posted online Beyonce posted a new video to Instagram Tuesday night, which included the lyrics of her hit “Cake” from her hit album Lemonade.

In the video, Beyonce sings: I was a little girl, you were a big boy, I thought you were my hero, But I got married, and I got a little boy in me, So I was gonna say, Cake, I was so glad I had you, You’re a good boy, Candy So, I guess I got my little cake, huh?

But it’s been a while, huh, Candy?

You got to be kidding me?

So, what are you gonna say?


So we went to the church together, and we had this great time, but you know, I think I’m ready to move on now.

Beyonce later posted a response on Instagram, saying, I don’t believe what you say is a “bunch of lies” and that the song is a perfect example of what’s best about our family.

“You can’t go around saying you don’t love somebody.

I love everybody, but I can’t put them down.

You know what I mean?” she wrote.

She also shared the lyrics to the song with fans, which read: Candy, I’m a little bit of a big girl, and your eyes sparkle like a rainbow, but your heart’s gonna melt.

You’re like a little angel in a room full of demons, Candy And I’m not going to be scared of a little sparkle in your heart, Candy That’s what I wanted to say to you when we met, Candy You were my idol and you were always going to get me.

I want you to remember that, Candy But I know that you’re a real sweetheart, and the whole world knows that.

And I know, Candy and you, you’ll never have any regrets, and that’s the kind of person you are.

So, you’re going to love me forever, Candy For my birthday, you should come up to the house and hold my hand.

And then we can do whatever we want to do, Candy We’ll meet again someday, Candy If you want, I’ll show you my house and see what I can do.

You should come to my house, Candy Please hold my hands, Candy Because we are friends.

And we can get together anytime.

And when we do, you know what?

I’m going to make love to you.

I’m the biggest slut you’ve ever seen, Candy

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