The secret history of the US’s biggest tech companies – from Apple to Google to Facebook and beyond – in 100 charts

Business Insider The secret stories behind some of the world’s biggest companies are as diverse as the places where they are located.

From the big names like Apple and Google to the tiny start-ups, from the most successful tech companies to the companies that are the least known, we’ve picked out the 10 best of them.1.

Google Androids – the robots: Google’s Google Maps is a great example of how Google has taken a technology that would have seemed impossible a decade ago and created a machine that can actually do what it’s supposed to.

It was not only an important way to map the world but also a great way to keep tabs on your surroundings.2.

Google Glass – the world around you: Google Glass has been a big part of the tech world for the past 10 years.

Google’s new Glass is a high-end, high-tech version of a wearable that looks like a pair of glasses and can scan your surroundings to tell you where you are, what you are doing and how long you have been in the room.3.

Amazon – Amazon’s Alexa: Alexa is arguably the most popular voice-controlled assistant in the world.

But it also has its critics, as some of its products have proven to be a little overpriced, which Amazon is trying to rectify with a cheaper version called Alexa Prime.4.

Facebook – The power of crowdsourcing: Facebook’s massive community of users has made the company a global leader in social media, especially since its acquisition of WhatsApp earlier this year.

It has also had to grapple with the rise of fake news, a phenomenon that has resulted in the social network losing a lot of its users.5.

Microsoft – Cortana: Cortana is a digital assistant that can answer basic questions about your location, and is now used in the Windows 10 operating system.

The fact that Cortana can answer questions like “What’s your favourite color?”, “What is your favourite colour?”, “Where is the nearest Starbucks?”, and “What would you like to buy next?”, is one of the most impressive things about Cortana.6.

Amazon Alexa – Amazon Echo: This is the smart speaker from Amazon that can help you with basic tasks like making dinner reservations or answering your phone calls.

Alexa has been used in conjunction with the Echo, a voice assistant that’s been available on Amazon’s Echo device since 2014.7.

Microsoft Bing – the web: Bing is a search engine that’s often referred to as a search-and-replace engine, but it also helps to index websites, search for content and organize your web browsing history.

It’s one of Microsoft’s most powerful search tools.8.

Apple – Siri: Siri is Apple’s digital assistant.

She can be used for voice commands and to make voice-activated phone calls and even help you find music, movies and more.9.

Apple Music – Spotify: Spotify has become a huge force in the music industry, thanks to the ability to put together a playlist with music from across the world and play it all from the same device.10.

Google – Maps: Google Maps has been around for years, and the company has become the go-to app for a lot more people in the years since.

Maps has become one of Google’s biggest successes and also one of its biggest flops.

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