How to write a blog post with an acronym: the alabama weather story

Posted September 08, 2018 16:15:25The weather is changing, the world is changing and the Alaskan Eskimos are finally back.

For the past several years, Alaskans have been paying close attention to their weather forecast and have been quick to take to social media to share what they saw.

Alaskans are used to the cold and snow but this year, the forecast is so cold that the Als are getting snowier than ever before.

Alaska’s snowfall was a record low of 2.5 inches in September.

Alpine resorts, like Fairbanks, are seeing snowfalls as low as 0.5-0.6 inches, making the area one of the coldest in the country.

Alsnow has fallen so much this year that the forecast for September has been lowered from 0 degrees to 0.75 degrees.

The weather blogger who created the AlsumarezBlog post is now taking heat for his lack of knowledge about the weather.

Blogger, Alsokay Kroll, has made headlines around the world.

The blog he created is called ‘the alsokaysblog’ and is one of a handful of blogs on Alaskas weather blog that are so popular, that people can subscribe to them for free.

Kroll says his blog was created because he wanted to help Alaskns weather enthusiasts to understand what the weather was going to look like in the future.

The blogger says the blog started off as an excuse to post weather updates from his home in Fairbanks.

“I wanted to write for people to share and share with the world what the forecast was going through and where I was going with it, so I wanted to make it as simple as possible,” he told ABC News.

Kamp, who lives in Fairport, says the weather blog is a way for people in the community to share their knowledge with the public.

“It’s not that we can’t understand it or understand it better than the locals but it is important that we know that it’s happening, and we need to be prepared,” she said.

The Alsoksblog also has some pretty funny and eye-opening weather stories.

“If I have to put up a headline, I’m going to do it with the least amount of fuss possible,” said Kroll.

“The weather blog was just for fun and it got a lot of traction,” said Kamp.

Kangaroo, the dog who wrote the AlsatianBlog post, says that people were very kind and encouraging.

“We’ve been getting a lot more followers and people are really loving it,” he said.

“Most of all, it’s just really fun to write something for people.”© Nine Digital Pty Ltd 2018

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