When the US Congress passed the NDAA, it set the stage for the NDAs with Israel, UK, UK governments, and other nations to attack US citizens. Now, the NDA is about to go into effect, with Israel and UK governments claiming that it is a tool of US national security.

The NDAA is an American National Security Act passed in 2002 by the US House of Representatives.

The legislation, originally sponsored by Representative Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), was intended to address the threat of “terrorism-related” activities abroad by the United States.

The NDAs are a series of bills that provide for the authority to authorise the use of military force against an enemy of the United State.

These bills, known as “National Defense Authorization Acts,” were passed by Congress in response to terrorist attacks and other attacks on US soil.

The bills also authorize military intervention overseas, and provide the authority for the US military to attack a country if there is a threat of imminent, actual or imminent death or serious bodily injury to the US person.

The purpose of the NDMA is to help prevent future terrorist attacks.

The US government says that the NDCA “allows the president to act in the national interest of the US” without fear of prosecution, and that it will be used “in the national security interest of a foreign country.”

In its press release, the US government said that the bill was passed to address “the threat of terrorism-related activity abroad by a foreign nation”.

It added that this is done because of the “unique and urgent” need for the government to “protect the nation from acts of terrorism”.

The NDCA passed with bipartisan support, and was signed into law by President George W Bush in February 2004.

According to The New York Times, the bill “was passed with a bipartisan vote of 205 to 179”.

US lawmakers, including Cotton, voted in favor of the legislation.

It was signed by President Bill Clinton, who said that he wanted to “end the war on terror”, and that the legislation “helps us fight terrorists who are engaged in terrorist activities”.

The US military has claimed that it has “near-universal” support from its US allies.

However, in an interview with CBS News, Senator John McCain (R, Arizona) said that it was a mistake to have a bill that would allow the US to attack Iran.

The president “is going to be attacked by other countries,” McCain said.

“So I would be reluctant to support that, Senator McCain said, adding that he would oppose it.

The White House has said that Senator McCain’s comments were “misleading”, and said that “Congress did not approve it”.

According to the Associated Press, Senator Rand Paul (R – Kentucky) was also quoted in the same report saying that he opposes the NDPA.

The bill was signed in April 2006 by President Bush.

The President has claimed the bill is intended to provide a “legitimate national security purpose”, but that it also gives the US “great power to attack our enemies, to defend our interests, and to defend the lives of American citizens”.

The legislation was approved by Congress with bipartisan approval in 2006, and signed into effect on October 20, 2006.

The National Defense Authorization Act passed on November 17, 2006, by a vote of 227 to 194, with Republican support.

This was a vote that had been taken in 2006 because of concern over Iran’s nuclear program, and the country’s growing military capability.

Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has said in a number of recent statements that the US is engaged in “hostile acts”.

The United States has previously called Iran a “state sponsor of terrorism”, and has accused the Islamic Republic of “supporting terrorism”.

This is a term used by the State Department and US military, and has been used in a multitude of legal cases and statements by Iran.

On December 15, 2017, President Trump signed the NDIA into law, allowing the US armed forces to use the NDTA to “execute, carry out, or take action against an individual, group, nation, or other entity” that is designated by Congress as a “terrorist” entity.

The following day, President Obama issued an executive order to “immediately suspend the operations of the Department of Defense and the Department (of Homeland Security) until the Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary) certifies that Iran is complying with its commitments under the Additional Protocol and that Iran has ceased all activities that threaten the national interests of the Iranian people”.

On February 24, 2018, the House of Representative passed the USA FREEDOM Act, which “expressly affirms the principles of the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and all other applicable United Nations Security Council resolutions, and reaffirms the President’s authority to defend United States citizens and property abroad against acts of international terrorism.”

The US Congress has repeatedly passed legislation to restrict the rights of US citizens abroad, and even passed a

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