The most common reasons for people to change jobs: A study

India’s top job-hunting blogs have been offering a guide to the best and worst reasons people switch jobs.

Here are some of the most popular posts.1.

You’ve been a writer for a long time.2.

Your favourite writers quit their job to focus on writing full-time.3.

You’re struggling to make ends meet.4.

You know a writer, and you’d like to be able to give them a shot.5.

You want to be part of a community.6.

You are tired of your work, and want to start a new career.7.

You just want to move to a different city.8.

You’d like a break from the office.9.

You think your boss is not really interested in your writing.10.

You need to work more remotely.11.

You don’t have enough time to write.12.

You have a hard time finding time to read.13.

You aren’t really interested or motivated by a new job.14.

You can’t afford a new house.15.

You might lose your job.16.

You feel like your boss isn’t really working for you.17.

You believe your boss’s attitude towards you will change.18.

You really don’t want to go back to work.19.

You hate working.20.

You prefer to work remotely.21.

You work from home, but it’s inconvenient.22.

You get tired of the office and are considering moving.23.

You haven’t been able to find time to work recently.24.

You fear your boss won’t take you seriously.25.

You find yourself wishing you had been working more.26.

You wonder what your next job might be.27.

You thought your job was safe until you moved.28.

You always wondered why your work wasn’t as good as it used to be.29.

You wish you could go back in time to do it all over again.30.

You would rather work remotely than work in the office or the cubicle.31.

You love to write but it just doesn’t feel right anymore.32.

You never quite got your feet wet with writing.33.

You couldn’t stand writing anymore.34.

You like the idea of working remotely.35.

You could do more freelance work but it would be time-consuming.36.

You miss working from home.37.

You were never really interested.38.

You wouldn’t go to a writing class if it wasn’t a great opportunity.39.

You didn’t feel comfortable being in a remote environment.40.

You wanted to go home but you couldn’t get the time.41.

You felt like you needed to get a job right away.42.

You hated your job and wanted to leave.43.

You do not like being the only one with a desk.44.

You dislike working remotely and feel like there are too many people.45.

You plan to move out of your home, because it’s too stressful.46.

You hope to find a better job in the next few years.47.

You used to work at home, and now you have no interest in it.48.

You started to feel comfortable doing some of your own work when you moved to the US.49.

You only want to work in a certain industry or market.50.

You still think you can make it in the US, but you are worried about your salary.51.

You start to think that it is possible to work from abroad but you don’t like the whole idea.52.

You regret having been in India for so long.53.

You enjoy writing but don’t know how to do the work.54.

You will always be looking for the next big thing.55.

You use to hate the office but now you feel happier there.56.

You loved working in the cubicles but now are a little bored with them.57.

You cannot find the time to be a writer.58.

You spend too much time online.59.

You found a way to escape the office, but not in a good way.60.

You simply can’t do what you used to.61.

You spent so much time at home but now feel it’s time to start your own career.62.

You got used to working from the cubby but now want to live in a bigger home.63.

You often miss being at home.64.

You may have become a fan of the internet and want a way of being connected.65.

You quit your job to be more independent and freelance.66.

You worked for a lot of years and want more time to focus in your craft.67.

You missed being at your desk but now would like to work anywhere you want.68.

You enjoyed your job but want to get back to it.69.

You look forward to returning to work every day, but now that you know you can do anything remotely you miss it.

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