A look back at the first decade of Doom 4

Posted December 05, 2020 05:50:25When Doom 4’s release date hit, the world was in the throes of its most anticipated reboot.

Doom was on a tear.

It had been a while since Doom 3’s first launch and there were a lot of questions swirling around the title’s future.

Doom 4 was the game that fans had been waiting for and it was set to release on the same day that Microsoft’s Halo 5 was launching.

With Doom 4 in the wings, it was the perfect time for Bethesda to finally announce the game’s release.

“We’ve been working on the game for about two years,” said Todd Howard, the executive producer of Doom.

“It’s not something that came together overnight.

We’ve been putting together a team for the last two years.”

That team consisted of some of the biggest names in video game development, including Bethesda’s legendary Doom lead writer, Tim Willits.

Howard added that he felt Doom 4 would be “the best game in the series” if it were released today.

That would be in line with what Howard told me at QuakeCon, where he said Doom 4 is “going to be really, really good.”

He went on to say that the game would have a “massive” impact on the industry.

It took some convincing for Howard and Willits to make this announcement, but the announcement was made and Doom 4 will finally arrive on the PC and Xbox One on January 20, 2020.

Doom 4 is the culmination of a two-year development and a couple of months of testing.

“The first time we were working on it, it’s like, oh man, we’ve done it all, we just didn’t have enough people to make it,” Howard told Ars.

“So we were like, okay, we’ll go back to the drawing board.”

“There’s no question, this is going to be the best game we’ve ever made,” he added.

That was before the game itself.

Howard and the rest of the Doom team started working on Doom 4 back in November of last year.

“We didn’t even have the game yet,” he said.

“I think there were maybe five people that had been working the game.

I don’t think that’s really a number that would be considered a realistic estimate.

But the actual design of the game is pretty much what the game was in that we’re like, ‘Alright, here we go.'”

In terms of design, Doom 4 has everything from “stealth, action, and stealth” to “open-world gameplay.”

It’s also got an open world, meaning players can explore areas with a variety of enemies, including those that are actually part of the environment.

Howard also explained that “open world” is not the only element in the game; players can still walk around and take cover behind crates and other objects.

The game also features a lot more story content, including a story that involves the development of the “Phantasmagoria” game engine, which will eventually become the backbone of the engine used for the next-gen consoles.

The story also has some familiar elements from Doom 3, including the protagonist’s quest for revenge.

But the biggest surprise in the new Doom 4 might be the title.

“There’s a big change in how we’re going to refer to the game,” Howard said.

He explained that the name Doom 4 doesn’t necessarily mean anything to the developers.

“If we wanted to make a title for the console, we could call it something like Doom 4: Ultimate Edition,” Howard added.

“But if we wanted something for the PC, we’d say it’s Doom 4.”

“The game itself, it will still be the same game that we’ve always made, just tweaked and improved,” Howard continued.

“And we’re not going to change it, but we’re just going to take the game we’re building and do something with it.”

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