The new video game news and commentary website has its first big splash

The site launched in January of this year and has since become a staple of gaming’s social media landscape, providing insight into the latest news, rumors, and other gaming-related information.

The company has also made a splash in the video game media space with its first-ever documentary on Valve. 

With so many outlets vying to get their games covered, the announcement of the site’s first video game video is a welcome move by Polygon.

But that’s just one of the reasons why we’re excited about its launch.

Polygon has covered video games from an online perspective for the past four years, and the site is now in a position to be a part of the video gaming conversation.

The site will help Polygon’s editors and writers bring their expertise and passion to the world of gaming, and with the launch of a new video series it should be a blast for readers. 

Here are the reasons we’re especially excited about this first-of-its-kind video series: The first video on the site will feature interviews with the likes of Valve CEO Gabe Newell, Kotaku editor Chris Avellone, and The Escapist’s Adam Sessler.

Polygons own-brand brand, The Escapists, has a reputation for having a strong opinion on gaming and is an integral part of Polygon in that sense.

Polygames first video will be the site s voice on gaming’s future.

While the new video is only about one-third of the content on Polygon, the new series will feature a voice from the company itself.

Polygamer Editor-in-Chief Dan Golding is the voice behind Polygon on the Polygon website, and he’s going to bring his expertise and knowledge to the site.

The first episode of The Escaps is available now on for free.

This is a perfect fit for the site, since it’s already a part-time outlet.

The Escape will be able to cover the gaming industry in a timely and unique way, and Polygon will be in the forefront of gaming journalism.

Polygamers love a good gaming documentary, and this will be no exception.

Poly’s first new series of video will also feature interviews from some of the industry’s top personalities.

This could mean a lot for gamers as a whole.

The next episode of the series is on YouTube now, and you can check it out for yourself here.

Poly has already released a video for the “PvP” multiplayer game, and if The Escapers has its way, it will be one of Polygomers first major coverage of the game. 

The first episode will be posted on on June 14, with the rest of the episodes being available through Polygon as soon as they are made available. 

It’s a safe bet that a lot of people will tune in to The Escaped, and it’s not unreasonable to assume that many Polygon readers will want to join the conversation with a new series as well. 

We can’t wait to see what else Polygon does with The Escaping, and we’re looking forward to seeing the first episode. 

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