What we learned in the first half of CS:GO’s CS:GL2

CS: GO is now in its second season and has seen plenty of ups and downs this year, with teams having their highs and lows and the game being played with different rules and the number of rounds of a game having a drastic effect on how the game plays.

So what does the latest data from the CS:go community tell us about how the match is shaping up?

Here are some of the highlights.

CS: GL2 CS:LIVE The first match of the day in the CSGO:GL 2 match between the reigning champions and eventual champions fnatic is the only one to feature a new map.

The map was called Cache and it is currently one of the best maps of the year.

In the first round, the teams went for two bans in the CT half.

The teams took advantage of this and picked up a quick advantage as the first 15 minutes went by.

The CT side of the map was defended well, and the team that picked up the lead would have the chance to make it the winning CT in the round.

This would give fnatic the first map advantage of the game, and fnatic won the first 16 rounds in a row.

However, a CT push would be necessary to make this happen, as the CT side was in control of the second half of the half.

When fnatic went for the first kill in the 15th minute, the game was tied, with fnatic ahead 14-14.

A quick and decisive round of the round gave fnatic a massive lead.

However it did not last long as the second round saw a massive push from the AWP team, which allowed fnatic to take the lead.

The round was ended after a short fight that saw both teams go back and forth.

This is when it was clear that the map did not offer the same kind of map control that it had earlier in the day.

However a very close call went the other way, as both teams ended up with 1-2 rounds each.

The final map of the match saw fnatic go for a second map win and the lead in the game would remain at 14-13.

However the CT push in the final round would give the CT team a huge lead, as they won 16-13 in the half, securing their spot in the quarterfinals.

The next match in the series saw fnatiators go for their third map win, and this time they took the map, Cache, for the win.

However they would lose the CT game in the semi-finals and the series would not continue.

The following round saw the CT sides fight to a stalemate, and a CT side push from a team in the lead of the first 13 rounds gave fnatiator a huge advantage, as it was able to win the round 15-13 and tie the series.

The third map of CSGO 2, Train, is a classic example of the CT fighting.

It is a fairly open map, with no cover for the AWPers and there are no towers or structures.

This allows the CT to set up for the next round very quickly and the teams fight is not a stalemate.

This map is not often played in CS:sGL series, and it will be interesting to see how the CT’s match against SK and NiP will play out in the next series.

CSGO Weekly The CS:SGL Weekly is where the teams in the top two teams in each region compete.

It features teams playing one round each and is a staple for teams in North America.

The first round of CSGL Weekly featured two matches between the three teams: NiP versus fnatic and SK versus NiP.

The NiP side took the lead, while the SK side had a big advantage, but it was not enough to win.

NiP then won the second map in a spectacular way.

Nip took the pistol round, but they then had the opportunity to take a third round and win the game.

The fourth round was the one where the momentum was turning in the SK team’s favour and they took a two-point lead.

After a big push from SK, they won the next three rounds, giving them the upper hand, and SK won the pistol rounds, but NiP won the round in the end, taking the win 16-14, with the series tied at 16.

In fact, the series went to overtime and it was NiP who took the win, winning 16-16.

The second map of this match, Train II, is the same as the previous map.

It was a long fight and a decisive victory for SK.

NiPS was the first to take down the map and take the round, however they lost the CT round.

NiPP came out with a big comeback in the third round of Train II and won the final three rounds to take control of map one.

After that, the next four maps of CSGOLounge’s CSGO Showdown series will feature

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