New York City to ban all semiautomatic rifles, including semi-automatic assault weapons

The New York city mayor says he will introduce legislation this week to ban the sale of semi-auto assault weapons, saying they are dangerous and dangerous weapons.

“These weapons are used to commit mass murder and mass injuries,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement Thursday.

“These weapons were designed by criminals to be used in mass shootings, and we must ban them from the streets of New York.”

The move comes as gun control advocates have pushed for a ban on the assault weapons and the military-style rifle, which can fire multiple rounds from a single chamber.

De Blasio’s statement comes as New York lawmakers have debated a ban in the state, where the state has no background check system and allows the sale and possession of semi automatic rifles.

De Blasio says he wants to ban semi-automatics from sale to civilians, and has also proposed banning the sale or transfer of such weapons to criminals.

But gun control groups say the legislation would not be enough to stop the guns.

New York City already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, including a ban that bans sales of all semi-Automatic rifles and all semias with detachable magazines.

But the city’s law also allows gun owners to possess the weapons in their homes, on their property, or as part of a business.

DeBlasio said the proposed legislation would require New York to have at least five active firearm dealers in the city, which would have to be licensed by the city.

He also said the law would require the city to close its gun show loophole.

The New York State Police will enforce the law, and city and state police will review the proposed law to determine whether it meets their requirements.

“I want to ensure that the NYPD does not have a loophole in this legislation that allows criminals to purchase these weapons from people they know and trust,” de Blasio’s office said in the statement.

The measure has already gained support in Congress, where a group of lawmakers led by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New Hampshire and Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New Jersey introduced legislation earlier this year that would ban semi automatic assault weapons.

DeLatta’s proposal also includes language that would require a license to own a semi- auto and ban the manufacture and sale of such firearms.

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