What to Know About the Brownsville Police Department’s Next Generation of Mobile Crisis Response Teams

Posted April 13, 2018 12:31:11The Brownsville Police Chief wants to make sure his officers have the resources they need to get the job done.

He also wants to get his team’s focus on what they are supposed to do in a crisis.

Brownsville is home to the largest police force in the state.

Bryant said the department is now looking to use the next generation of mobile crisis response teams to help keep people safe.

It is a move that will likely be a challenge.

The department has not been shy about embracing the next step in the evolution of mobile policing.

Chief Bryant said he would like to see the mobile teams deploy in the city more frequently.

“The police are a very diverse group of people and I think that’s what the technology is going to allow us to do better,” Bryant said.

I would like us to utilize our police force to be the eyes and ears in the community, and be able to identify where the problem is and do the best that we can do to help.

“Bryants team has been able to use its mobile team more frequently in recent months, including when there were multiple officers and a call coming from the area.

The department has used the team in other emergencies and in several high-profile cases.

In January, the department deployed its first mobile crisis team in the area of the Brown home.

The department is hoping to deploy more teams in the coming months as more resources are made available.

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